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When facing environmental cleanup issues, you need painless, professional resolution, and no one is more qualified than HBC. Getting the job done while maintaining a low profile and high level of quality isn’t the industry standard, but it’s always our approach. Our investment in specialized environmental abatement technologies has helped us become a trusted partner provider for dozens of companies. Our environmental capabilities include:


  • Lead Abatement & Remediation
    • Abrasive Blasting Equipment
  • Asbestos Abatement & Remediation (EPA’s Definition of 3 types of Asbestos - List of Abatement Services narrative)
    • Surfacing Materials
      • Specialized Vacuum Equipment
    • Thermal System Insulation
    • Miscellaneous Asbestos Containing Materials (floor tile, linoleum - narrative & HBC photos)
      • Infrared Radiant Heat Tile Lift Equipment
  • Specialized Vacuum Equipment (also under Surfacing Materials)
  • Mold Abatement & Remediation (narrative about mold in midwest)
    • Removal
    • Encapuslation
  • Specialized Cleaning
    • narrative on specialized cleaning page: Abrasive Blasting Equipment (part of narrative on specialized cleaning page - list where HBC has gone for this work i.e. Puerto Rico)
  • Meth Lab Cleanup (narrative and photo of HBC doing Meth Lab cleanup)
  • Interim Life Safety & Infectious Control
  • Non-Specified Hazardous Material Removal & Cleanup


  • Selective & Dust-free Demolition Services
  • Mechanical Systems Insulation
  • (Fire proofing re-spray?)
  • Specialized Cleaning